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Apawthikare Pet Wellness Products & Paper Weights

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Product Description

APAWTHIKARE PET WELLNESS PRODUCTS - an advanced line of pet wellness producTs offers a natural fast-acting solution for restoring healthy skin and happy pets. Developed with the support and expertise of one of the top clinical research communities in the country. This innovative line was designed by nationally recognized trauma and burn surgeon, Dr. Roger Huckfeldt and PhD Biologist, Dr. Phillip Finley who have spent their careers studying the physiology behind skin care and wound healing. Developed to FDA standards using medical research and science. Veterinarian approved. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SANITIZE+ ANTIBACTERIAL SPRAY - designed to clean and disinfect paws after outdoor activity or a trip to the litter box. This multi-functional spray also works perfectly as a rinse-free bath solution that neutralizes bacteria that cause odor and can lead to skin infections. Kills 99.9% of harmful germs from paws. Use on paws or spray on coat to decrease bacteria that cause body odor and skin infections. Contains Aloe Vera to moisturize. 2 fl. oz. $19.00. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SOOTH ANTI-ITCH SPRAY - developed specifically to give gentle and immediate relief from itchy skin while it moisturizes and calms the irritated area. The non-toxic bittering agent helps naturally deter pets from excessive licking and biting where applied. Relieves itching caused from insect bites, allergies and other skin irritations. Provides gentle and immediate relief from itching. Contains Aloe to moisturize and Witch Hazel to calm and soothe itchy, irritated skin. No-sting formula helps stop wound biting and licking. 4 fl. oz. $19.00. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROTECT LIQUID BANDAGE SPRAY - an easy-to-use alternative to traditional bandages. The unique formula provides a clear breathable barrier that promotes healing of minor wounds and skin irritations while protecting against harmful bacteria and debris in the affected area. Protects scrapes, abrasions, minor cuts and skin irritations to allow rapid healing. Unique waterproof and breathable shield that creates a soothing, protective barrier. Perfect for skin and paws. No-sting alcohol free formula, Quick Drying. 4 fl. oz. $19.00. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEAVY DOG PAPERWEIGHTS/STATUE - Very nicely done, not cheap looking! Select Black Dog or Scottie Dog. Measures 6" x 4.5" high $39.95.

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Substitution Policy

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